hatha yoga

course descriptions

Don’t Give An OM
Weaving calm into your day – moon practice

Available all year

  • Beginners welcome
  • Classes can be attended on casual basis
Course intention

Steady the mind and calm the body

Heart Song
Expanding brightness and lightness of energy – sun practice
Available Spring and Summer Terms
  • Prerequisite: ability in keeping your body calm and mind steady
  • Classes can be attended on casual basis
Course intention

Sensitivity and mastery of energy.

Yoga for you
Would you like a class just for you?
Or you and one or two friends? Perhaps you prefer an online class?  Or in person at a chosen location? You only want one casual class or are interested in 4 or 8 week course?  Tailor to suit you!
Your class may have traditional elements of asana, pranayama and meditation. Alternatively consider:
  • Exploring yoga philosophy, history, stories/myths and how they apply in your life or can be embodied in your day.
  • Ayurvedic practice on or off the mat
  • Breakdown of specific asana or breath pattern  to better understand it  for your body
  • Meditation
  • Mantra
The benefits of an individual class includes ability to focus on a particular practice intention;
do a sequence at your pace and at a time that suits your schedule. Perhaps best of all, the  option of staying home. How blissful when you are tired and busy or  don’t feel like going out but still want to learn with someone else. In addition, individual yoga course packages include resource pack and a friend joining you for free.
Your own Home Practice
Collaborate on designing your own home practice. Using ayurvedic based hatha yoga principles to meet your specific current needs  and guide you over forty days.
Home Practice package
  • Design discussion
  • Home practice (movement, breathing and meditation)
  • Option to add in mantra or ayurvedic lifestyle activity
  • Resource pack
  • Filmed sequence if appropriate
  • Email support
  • Mid point follow up either online or in person
Yoga in the workplace
Thriving, flourishing, achieving…this is us in the workplace!  In the hurly, burly bustle, we make clear decisions, take discerning action, lead projects and deliver effective outcomes. Or do we? Exhilarating and satisfying as work may be, sometimes it is complex, overwhelming and stressful.
Yoga has a lot to offer in the form of micro embodiment practices and mastering energy through movement, breathing and meditating. So we can steady, calm and re-centre ourselves. From this place, take steps to look after our health.
Self Care through Yoga is  one off workshop or 4 x 30 min/60 min  program. Resource packs include handouts, video clips and email support for participants.
What the Chakra is this?
Foundation or workshop
  • Concept of self care from a yogic perspective
  • Embodiment practices
Letting Go aka Marie Kendo style
Traditional hatha yoga practice with a focus on letting go
Where’s that Spare Eye?
Traditional hatha yoga practice with a focus on experiencing stream of inner cam. It is the foundation of all meditative practices
Sunshine in the heart
Modified sun salute practice for the office. Focus on gathering energy to take information in.
Contact Penny to discuss delivery of the program in your workplace on 0434089987.

outdoor sessions

Casual outdoor summer class (30 mins) for beginners at Austinmer and Bulli. Experimental beginners class. No booking is required and anyone is welcome to come along. Best option is to text or email me to make sure class is on.