i’m penny

about penny

1979 – TV’s Swami Sarasvati in a yellow leotard was the only preparation for my first yoga class at high school. Being sick when leisure activities were selected, I was placed into yoga on Friday afternoons. Feeling awkward initially and minus the yellow leotard, I found breath and movement for an hour created a sense of calm.It was an unexpected secret treasure.

Then years of adulting. University. Gym workouts. Accounting firms. Responsibility. Relationships. Finally, with a move to the sea, yoga drew me back in.

By this time, a miscarriage and the birth of my son had shaken my world and perception of life. Death and birth does that.  Less certain of the world, a little wiser.

I was on an inner journey. Who Am I”? What is life about?   Questions not answered in my accounting degree.

Seeking began….in dusty halls  bouncy, dreadlocked people discussed trips to India. Sunlit community centres with students flowing in  Sun Salutes while I scrabbled to keep up. Lessons on blanket folding. Tiny church halls sweeping floors as karma yoga.  Joining the tired snores in savasana. Gurus from India guiding meditations to glimpse the Ocean of Bliss. Straps, blocks for alignment driven movement. The warmth and laughter of my first real teacher. Silent holds that lasted forever or so my mind grumbled. Breath and more breath.

More miscarriages and my daughter’s birth.

Moon days wrapped in blankets and draped over bolsters. Money popped into a jar and IOU for when you had nothing.  The expansive grace and flow of Vinyasa in the first real studio I attended. The wonder of background music. The terror of handstands.  Early morning meditative flow of Ashtanga sequence. Global insta fame teachers showing back bending or inversions.  Caring, generous local teachers holding space. The bliss of learning to chant. Ecstasy of kirtan and dance. Smell of incense. Journeying to India. Friends who are family. Golden colours of marigolds. The ephinany of yogic philosophy. Silence of the path within.

The circle from inner learning to outer learning through books and teachers back to embodiment of yoga on and off the mat.  So much gratitude and lessons learnt on the way.

The journey  continued into teacher training. 200 hours with Ray of Light in 2017.  100 hours Ayurveda specialist training with Brad Hay (Parayoga) in 2018. 50 hours of yoga for trauma & mental health with Sarah Ball.  200 hours of Moon, Sun, Fire traditional hatha teacher training with The Practice in Bali in 2019.

No longer an accountant. Instead stepping into the exciting unknown.  Continuing to learn, practice and evolve. To share with others what has generously been shared with me. The knowledge that we are whole, sacred and connected.  The path is to remember and the practice to return to who we truly are.

what else about me?
  • I am an early morning ocean swimmer
  • I love dawn dancing
  • Books, books and more books
  • Seem to be addicted to Embodied Philosophy online courses and numerous podcasts
  • I grew up in Kenya
  • My favourite photographs are the “Dogs in Waiting” series
  • Hurting my back badly five years ago and resigning  from corporate life after a bout of severe anxiety last year turned out to be love notes from the Universe.
  • I make friends in cafes and am on first name basis with all my local baristas.
  • Long black coffee daily (which explains the line above)
  • It is all about the sun rise

my intention with taking photos
commenced as a
gratefulness project.

It has grown with my yoga practice with the intention of illuminating the beauty I see within life.