So I signed up for a yoga workshop in a flurry of excitement for a birthday outing. Humour from friends (will you be the most overdressed?

The oldest?

On a serious note, are you fully recovered from your back injury?)

I checked my ticket.

“for the athletic yogi”

In Bondi.
For 3 hours.

At least it wasn’t handstands.

“Did you see the teacher’s IG feed”?


Today was the day.
2 hour train ride.
Mat laid against black markers on floor.
Quietly sit.
Set intention – total commitment, openness and courage.

Afterwards, I went to say thank you to Dice Iida-Klein .
And admit to the above.
And say it was awesome.

And it was. I’m glad I set an intention to be open and courageous.
.. Urdhva Dhanurasana after 6 years.
And I wasn’t the oldest or most overdressed.
..well nearly……ok probably.

Thank you, Gail and Kathy let’s do this again!
Thank you, Dice lida-Klein, for being authentic, funny, friendly teacher.

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